Estuary Exhibition: Open call to female artists

November 12-19, 2019

 Moon Museum, 1969 


On November 12, 1969 at 3:35pm, artist, Forrest Myers received a telegram confirming the placement of a tiny artwork onto the leg of the Intrepid Lunar Module that would be traveling on the Apollo 12 mission two days later.  The six artists that are included on this 0.75x0.5 inch ceramic artwork include Andy Warhol, Claes Oldenburg, Robert Rauschenberg, John Chamberlain, David Novros and Forrest Myers, the brain behind the project. On November 19, one week after receipt of this confirmation telegram, the Intrepid spacecraft landed on the Moon’s Ocean of Storms, a 200 meter crater named at a time when it was still believed that oceans existed on the moon’s surface. If the tiny artwork, titled Moon Museum, was in fact able to complete the journey from Earth, one might imagine that upon the impact of landing, it was released from the leg of the Intrepid into the “Ocean of Storms”.


Due to its illegitimate status (this project was not approved by NASA) and very small size, it is still unknown whether Moon Museum currently exists on the lunar surface. It is also a mystery why not a single female artist was invited to participate in this monumental attempt to send forth a mark of human creativity beyond Earth’s atmosphere.  This great omission is further highlighted by Andy Warhol’s choice to include a drawing of a phallus as his submission.


In recent years, scientists have proclaimed that we know more about the surface of the Moon than we do about the deepest parts of our oceans.  In honor of the unknown, the forgotten, and the natural elements most often personified as female (bodies of water, mother earth etc.) I propose a reworking of the original piece. I am inviting female artists to create works no larger than 0.75x0.5 inches from biodegradable materials.  Participating artists will exhibit these works for one week from November 12-19, 2019.  After one week I will carry them off and disperse them into the Hudson River. As the Hudson is actually an estuary, I have titled this work Estuary Exhibition. When the exhibition floats away into the Atlantic ocean, the works will be be pulled with the rise and fall of the tides, affected in part by the gravitational pull of the moon.