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the ring project

fall 2009

After years of witnessing other people’s marriage ceremonies as a professional wedding photographer, I couldn’t help but wonder, as the ceremonies said, where my other half was and when would I be made complete. Friends would tell me, “you have to be ready,” “make yourself visible” and “go to places outside of your normal routine.” Literally taking their advice, I decided to take to the streets to find my own soul mate.  Dressed in a wedding gown and veil, I carried my own hand-made five and a half foot high soft sculpture of an engagement ring to locations famous for romantic wedding and engagement photographs, often places where I had photographed couples on their wedding day.  Made from chicken wire, foam, and trash bags, the sculpture was not so much heavy as it was awkward. Bent over, dragging the ring on my back, many people commented that it looked as if I had a cross to bear. This burden of sacrifice was one of the very things that interested me.

My Search for a Soulmate

Interacting with Passers By on My Search for My Soulmate