this is not a home movie


As childhood is the time in which we are most malleable and yet the least in control, there are a wealth of forgotten moments that may affect us in greater ways than we realize. In this series, I searched through my family's home movies, focusing on the period when I was between two and seven years old (1985-1990). I then conducted interviews with my parents recording not only their memories of my childhood, but also their recollection of documenting that time period.  Finally, I recorded their reactions as they watched these films for the first time in two decades.  In addition to extracting digital film stills from the converted VHS movies, I excerpted audio clips from the same films and the present day interviews.  I sequenced both the film stills and the audio clips in a non-linear arrangement, breaking the chronology of the original narrative in order to reference the haphazard manner in which memories are experienced.