Um . . . and . . . Uh

December 2010

Inspired by an inability to verbalize the feeling of absence, I explored personal items left behind after loss or life change.  Debris, detritus, spaces between thoughts, the forgotten, the attempt to remember-- these became my material. Working again with my family home videos, I became interested in the recording of snow and static that was left at the end of a tape. I took the debris from my own house, both hand-me-downs, and objects from past apartments that no longer served a purpose – keys, single shoes that lost their match, sauce packets, broken cameras-- and painted them the same grey color as my studio floor. I then edited recordings from conversations with my family and removed all but the pauses between conversation,  making multiple audio tracks which I dispersed among the objects. I projected the TV static onto the painted objects both camouflaging them and transforming them.  The result is this installation.