Artist-in-Residence at ARoS Public

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For the month of August, I will be joining Flux Factory for an artist-in-residence program in the Atelier of ARoS the Aarhus Art Museum in Aarhus, Denmark. Come say hello if you are in town, and send your local friends in our direction.


Preview my new website

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It's time for a website update! Checkout my new site coming very soon:


Air Rights at Flux Factory, Thursday, July 5th

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Air Rights: a series of artist-made flags curated by artist and Fluxer, Christina Freeman.
Flag Raising: Pintados, by Jevijoe Vitug

Thursday, July 5th
Flag Raising, 5pm
as part of the Opening Exhibition of Pintados: Portraits of Immigrants as Ancestors

Speaking to solidarity with immigrants and the working class, this flag, created by Jevijoe Vitug, embraces the image of a raised fist as an early symbol of union organizing.  On the arm are the artist's own tattoos of ocean waves and the flight pattern of birds, referencing his personal experiences with movement and migration. The layered images offer multiple meanings, including immigrant (in)visibility or stripes as prison bars. 

The Game Show

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ABC No Rio in Exile: The Game Show

The Game Show is a cooperative, participatory arts project initiated by ABC No Rio and artists involved with No Rio's 2017 Flux Factory collaboration, Against Competition/Towards Mutual Aid.

Inspired by non-competitive games such as hacky sack, hot lava, keep-the-balloon-up-in-the-air, cooperative role-playing games like Dungeons and Dragons, and the surrealist drawing exercise Exquisite Corpse, The Game Show will take place in the blurry boundary land between art, community, and game playing.

We are seeking collaborators to join us in the experimental process of developing the exhibition. The show itself will be a game made of components that participants choose and cooperatively assemble. This meta-game will define how the exhibition will be presented, and define the experience viewers have of, and within, this exhibition.

To become part of this experimental exhibition we're asking interested participants to answer a set of questions (the survey) and propose a game component for inclusion in the meta-game: this can be a set of rules, a playing piece, an obstacle or a narrative element, a condition or an instruction.

The Game Show is a process-driven project. All participants will need to be available to attend a series of meetings in New York City in April and May 2018. At these meetings we will collectively devise our meta-game, using artistic processes like cut-ups and Exquisite Corpse as inspiration. We will also program gaming events for participants who have performative and/or interactive game-based work.

Interested participants are invited to answer the Google Survey, where you can also sign up for meeting dates.

Survey must be submitted no later than April 15, 2018.

Exhibition will take place at Bullet Space, 292 E 3rd St, NYC, from May 25 - June 8, 2018.

Please send any queries to

More Info

Air Rights at the Windmill Community Garden

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I'm excited to announce a new curatorial project at the Windmill Community Garden across from Flux Factory, entitled Air Rights: a series of artist-made flags

Flag Raising
Saturday February 24, 2018 at 8:30pm

Windmill Community Garden
39-22 29th Street
Long Island City


Revised U.S. Flag #4 (Francisco Franklin), designed by Francisco Franklin as part of the series Revised U.S. Flag by Maya Grace Misra, combines elements from the United States flag and the flag of his home country, Panamá.

While air rights are conventionally framed in terms of potential real estate development, the term legally defines who may “control, occupy, or use the vertical air space above a property.” Playing with this idea, air rights here point to the value of (vertical) community space as a site for creative expression, stemming from the first amendment of the Bill of Rights. In this series, artists are invited to occupy the air space traditionally reserved for governments, symbols of nationhood, and real estate developers, exercising their first amendment right to freedom of speech.

February 24- March 31

Saunter Trek Escort Parade . . . (S.T.E.P.) . . .

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The Open Call for S.T.E.P. is up on the Flux Factory website! Check it out:

Flux Factory is happy to invite proposals for Saunter Trek Escort Parade… (S.T.E.P…. ) one of Flux Factory’s 2018 Major Exhibitions;
curated by Christina FreemanEmireth Herrera, & Moira Williams.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Monday, January 8, 2018

Exhibition Dates: September 6-26, 2018

… (S.T.E.P…. ) embraces the many ways and bodies we walk while asking how walking as a creative act can open conversations about visibility, perception, time, labor, economics, exploration, mapping, colonialism, migration, the environment, health and the connections between all of these.

Tongue Tide Review in Hyperallergic

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Thanks to Hyperallergic for spending so much time in our exhibition!

The full review is here:

Flux Factory: Most of a Year in Most of a Day

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Flux Factory: Most of a Year in Most of a Day
or Going Places, Doing Stuff (All the Stuff)
aka Collective Insanity

Organized by Christina Freeman, Flux Factory Artist-in-Residence

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Hunter East Harlem Gallery
2180 3rd Avenue
New York, NY 10035

In August 1993, seven artists rented part of the second floor of a former spice factory next to the East River in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The 1,800 square-foot space, for which they paid $1,000 per month, had no dividing walls and the only source of running water was a slop sink. The group came together as an informal artist collective to create an alternative platform to the commercial gallery scene. Twenty-four years later, Flux Factory lives on in its third location, an 8,000-square-foot, former greeting-card factory in Long Island City, providing studios for twenty local and international artists.

Temporarily relocating to the Hunter East Harlem Gallery for this one-day event, Flux Factory will publicly perform a year’s worth of collective practices in 8 hours: 52 Monday Meetings, 30 Fluxhibitions,12 Flux Thursdays, 10 Fluxakutchas, 1 Fluxgiving, and 1 Fluxmas.  Cameos by WFLX Flux Factory Radio, Cinema Flux, and Friends of Flux.

By making otherwise internal practices public, this performance will propose the following questions: In a capitalist system, is working collectively an inherently political gesture? Can twenty artists from different parts of the world agree on anything? Why is fun important? What does it mean to be Fluxie? What exactly is a shituation? Why is a flamingo such a great mascot?

Flux Factory’s Founder, Jean Barberis’ 5 keys to a successful art exhibit
1 Don’t think about it—do it. 
2 It takes will to coordinate people and resources.
3 You need to use your social skills and be flexible. 
4 Always have your friends and family help you. 
5 Art can be displayed anywhere

Open Call: Tongue Tide

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Inspired by the location in Queens, NY, Tongue Tide invites creative practitioners, artists, performers, researchers, and educators to submit proposals for new artworks, workshops, and performances with the subject matter of language. Artists will receive stipends to participate.

Tongue Tide is one of Flux Factory's 2017 Major Exhibitions and is curated by Emireth Herrera and Christina Freeman.

Deadline is March 30th


New Media Caucus Showcase, February 16th

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I'm looking forward to hosting the annual New Media Caucus Showcase on Thursday night in Hunter College's Lang Auditorium.

Read more:

Lang Auditorium, Hunter College, Main Campus, 695 Park Ave at 68th Street, New York, NY 10065

2017 NMC Showcase Presenters
Reut Asimini, MFA student at Hunter College of the City University of New York
Annie Berman, IMA/MFA alumni, Hunter College of the City University of New York
Allison Berkoy, Pratt Institute
Dickie Cox, Monmouth University
Carrie Ida Edinger, Independent Artist
Caitlin Foley and Misha Rabinovich, University of Massachusetts Lowell
Jennifer Gradecki, Michigan State University
Stephen Hilyard, University of Wisconsin Madison
Billi London-Gray, MFA student at the University of Texas at Arlington
Katy McCarthy, MFA student at Hunter College of the City University of New York
Rachel Stevens, Hunter College of the City University of New York
Simone Paterson, Virginia Tech University
Martin Zeilinger, Anglia Ruskin University (Cambridge/UK)

Utopia 1.0 by Annie Berman

Utopia 1.0 by Annie Berman

Against Competition/Towards Mutual Aid featured in Art F City, February 6, 2017

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Artist Christina Freeman ’05 Returns to the Site of Her Early Inspiration

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Creative inspiration is often described as a spark, but Christina Freeman ’05 recalls one of her most inspiring moments as an artist happening in the dark. “I remember working in the darkroom and feeling like everything I was interested in, everything I cared about, could be explored through photography,” she says, recalling the epiphany that came during her sophomore year at Haverford. “I was interested in so many subjects; photography was the first thing I discovered where I didn’t feel like I was narrowing down by committing to it.”

Since that illuminating moment, Freeman, 33, has been an interdisciplinary artist, using various visual media and performance to explore ideas of community, collaboration, and conversation.

Read more:

Against Competition/Towards Mutual Aid

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I'm excited to be co-curating this project at Flux Factory in February 2017.
Checkout the Open Call:

Participating in the The Alternative Art School Fair November 19, 2016

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The Alternative Art School Fair
November 19-20, 2016

I'll be participating in the group critiques organized by SOMA at the Alternative Art School Fair this weekend at Pioneer Works.

12 (Twelve reactions to silence by twelve gallery attendants working for twelve Gagosian galleries)

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Friday November 18th, 7pm

Opening Reception / Cassette Release Party for Ivaylo Gueorgiev & Eric Pitra’s work:

12 (Twelve reactions to silence by twelve gallery attendants working for twelve Gagosian galleries) 2014, cassette – limited edition of 100.

We hope you can join us as we celebrate the addition of a new audio work to the Flux Factory doorbell created by artist, John Roach.
Conceptualized curation and organizational programmatic coordination by Christina Freeman

Roaming Assembly, October 13-16

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This weekend, I had the pleasure of taking part in the Roaming Assembly organized by artist Moira Williams.

We were hosted by C H R C H Project SpaceKMOCA and Linda Weintraub.

Participating artists: Corrinne CappellettiXenia DienteLisa Hirmer & Heather Kapplow  


Interview with Caitlin Foley and Misha Rabinovich

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Over the course of a 5-month residency at Flux Factory in Long Island City, New York, Christina Freeman is recording a series of studio visits with other artists-in-residence (aka Fluxers), as well as outside artists collaborating with Flux for its various public programs. Through its studio residency program, Flux Factory supports approximately 30 emerging artists each year from a range of creative disciplines and international locations. Flux commissions new work through quarterly exhibitions, and residents produce public events at a prolific pace.

For this interview, Christina invited Caitlin Foley and Misha Rabinovich to talk about their ongoing project, Total Jump.  Artspace in New Haven, CT commissioned Foley and Rabinovich to presentTotal Jump for Game On! on view at the Goffe Street Armory, October 15 and 16 from 12-6pm.

The full interview can be found here:

A Precipice, Abandon, A Dotted Line

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An installation by Christina Freeman at Flux Factory

Opening October 1, 2016 1-6 pm

Closing October 2, 2016 1-6 pm

Performances by Michelle Freeman Anderson & Joshua Moton

"A Precipice, Abandon, A Dotted Line" presents a labyrinthine video installation, inviting the viewer to experience darkness as a space for embracing the uncertain. Playing with the language of surrealism and concepts of the Baroque, the nonlinear structure asks for both physical and mental wandering.

Artists' Books Workshop at Flux Factory

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Sunday, August 21, 1-5pm

Christina Freeman will introduce a short history of the artists’ book and present contemporary examples. Following a demonstration of two pamphlet stitch methods, participants will have an opportunity to create their own book works. Bringing your own materials is encouraged, but not required.