New York Observer lists Interdependence Day as "Top 9 Things to Do in New York Art World"

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"In case you didn’t devour enough hot dogs on July 4, check out a quirky event that Long Island City’s Flux Factory calls a “reverse July 4th” potluck BYOBBQ. Attendees are encouraged to bring vegetarian eats to sizzle on the grill, a side dish for guests to nosh on at the event, and their dancing shoes. Titled “Interdependence Day,” a riff on the traditional American Independence Day BBQ, the event invites discussion on the interdependent relationship between art and politics. Curated by Flux Factory’s artist in residence Christina Freeman, the BBQ will also include miscellaneous contributions from the ceramics collective Fpoafm, Nomadic Studios, food ethics writer Chris Schlottmann, The Mayday Collective (a community space, bar and cafe) and the performance artist Maya Jeffereis. Based in New York, Jeffereis’ work has appeared at NARS Foundation, New Britain Museum of American Art and New Art Dealers Alliance. She will host a thought experiment about “ethics, morality, identity politics and nation-building.”
Flux Factory, 39-31 29th Street, Long Island City, N.Y., 11101. July 14, 8pm-10pm. RSVP required.

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Interdependence Day at Flux Factory, July 14

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I am excited to be curating an evening of food and programming at Flux Factory on July 14.

Our July Flux Thursday potluck will be a play on the American Independence Day BBQ.

This is a reverse July 4th party. We will be celebrating collaboration, cooperation, cross-pollination, relation & alliance building, and the recognition of the impossibility of autonomy. We will be talking about interdependence, not only in terms of societal systems & structures, but also the interdependent relationship of art & politics with the following queries:

How do art & politics feed one another?

Why do people have the urge to separate them? Is there any benefit to separating them?

How do you negotiate their relationship in your life & practice?

Featured guest collaborators:

Fpoafm: Nomadic Studios  Ceramics Collective exchanging plates for thoughts on interdependence                               

Chris Schlottmann Associate Chair of Environmental Studies at NYU, in coversation with Moira Williams, discussing food ethics

Seven Collective with a program on unconscious bias

Maya Jefferies Video/Performance artist presenting a public program from her Fallout Shelter project

Chrystian Rodriguez filmmaker, screening his recent documentary on the anti-gentrification project, Mi casa no es su casa in Bushwick, Brooklyn. 


Thanks to the Seven Collective for sharing photographs from the evening.

Residency at Flux Factory

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I'm looking forward to a summer of cohabitation & collaboration with 15 other international artists in Queens, NY at Flux.

Artist Talk & Opening Reception for Julio Grinblatt at Haverford College

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 Images courtesy of Minus Space, Brooklyn

Images courtesy of Minus Space, Brooklyn

 Image (c) Haverford College, reproduced with permission

Image (c) Haverford College, reproduced with permission

Wild Seeds @ Happy Lucky No. 1

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I'll be showing two new artists' books at the exhibition Wild Seeds this month at Happy Lucky No. 1 in Brooklyn.

  Light,  Artists' book with 15 definitions of light from Merriam Webster's Dictionary, laser etched onto Ilford Ilfochrome color filters.

Light, Artists' book with 15 definitions of light from Merriam Webster's Dictionary, laser etched onto Ilford Ilfochrome color filters.

Solidarity Economies Discussion

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Hosting Faith Holland Artist Talk at Hunter College

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On April 22, I'll be bringing Faith Holland to Hunter College to give a lecture on her new work. She has an upcoming solo show at Transfer Gallery in Brooklyn and was featured in this month's ARTFORUM article, Women on the Verge

New Media Caucus 2015

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For the full program of events visit


I had the pleasure of working with Elizabeth Demaray, Darren Douglas Floyd, Mat Rappaport, Joshua Selman, Joyce Rudinsky and Sid Branka to program events for the Media Lounge at CAA this year.

In an effort to present a diverse yet telling picture of the current practices around alternative economies in new media, the New Media Caucus (NMC) invited its membership to submit models, frameworks, solutions and/or questions that reflect, in an unrestricted way, the Media Lounge theme, “alternative economies.” NMC members who responded to this invitation were additionally alerted to the fact that their submissions might entail further calls for participation.

Two dominant themes emerged from this open-ended query. The first is a focus on topics of identity in the consideration of groups that exist outside of a mainstream. The second manifests itself around the establishment of new economies.

The two experimental sessions being presented have been curated around the above themes and utilize a diverse set of unconventional presentation/performance/discussion forms in the consideration of alternative economies.  Tactically diverse and provocative in subject matter, these presentations utilize hybrid forms to interrogate social and political constructions of established and alternative economies.

The presenters at each session have additionally been tasked with jurying a selection of new media artworks. These works will contextualize and broaden the discussion of each theme and will be presented as part of each session.

Design Week 2014

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I documented Design Week 2014 for Elle Decor Italy.

Galería Perdida

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This summer I was invited to be an artist in residence at Galería Perdida in Chilchota, Michoácán, Mexico. A work reflecting on my project there is now up on their website.

Refocusing the Lens : Pranlal Patel’s Photographs of Women at Work in Ahmedabad

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Thanks to the Wellin Museum for inviting me to produce prints and serve as photo editor for the exhibition, Refocusing the Lens: Pranal K. Patel's Photographs of Women at Work in Ahmedabad.  The exhibition is on view from February 1 to April 15, 2014 at Hamilton College.

CURATORS : Lisa Trivedi and Robert Knight

This exhibition features photographs taken by well-known Indian photographer Pranlal Patel. Depicting women at work in the homes, neighborhoods, and markets of Ahmedabad, India, in 1937, these images—many of which are on view for the first time—were commissioned by the Jyoti Sangh, a philanthropy dedicated to women’s advocacy, support, and vocational training organization. Lisa Trivedi’s research focuses on the seldom-explored history of women in the workforce in early twentieth-century India.

Refocusing the Lens also examines the early history of photography in India and the role of amateur photographers like Patel. Patel’s approach was noteworthy because he shot in the field rather than in the studio; the resulting images offer an unprecedented documentary view of Indian society. Furthermore, Patel focused upon a subject rarely photographed in India at this time: working-class women. Capturing ordinary aspects of these women’s lives and the enterprises through which they survived, the photographs are important as material products of both philanthropy and photography of the era. They are also important historical artifacts unto themselves, as they were conceived, shaped, and created by women philanthropists, an amateur photographer, and the working women who participated in the photographic process.

Solo Show at Thomas Hunter Project Space

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Thomas Hunter Project Space

October 7-22, 2013

For the duration of the exhibition I invited the faculty, staff and students of the Hunter College Art Department to bring their failed artworks or other excess material generated in the art-making process, to the Project Space in Thomas Hunter Hall. In response, I curated the pieces, transforming them into new works. Participants were also invited to make their own interventions.

Plums for Trash in Vice, Bulgaria

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Collaborative Project with Jane Carver

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Jane Carver and I will be presenting our participatory performance work at Hunter College for the Live Art in the Visual Environment Open Lab. This project was created under the guidance of choreographer and multidisciplinary artist Dean Moss.